Dear customer,

In principle, the following payment options are available for you to pay for your order:

Payment in advance
After receiving the order confirmation and the invoice number contained therein you can pay your order in advance. As soon as the purchase price has been received on our account, the goods will be shipped to you.

Payment by SEPA direct debit
In contrast to the transfer, the payment process for the direct debit is not triggered by the payer, but by the payee. Due to the lower costs for the debtor and the planning security for the seller, the direct debit method is very popular as a payment method. All that is required is a direct debit order from the customer to the seller, which the customer can, of course, revoke at any time.

Payment by PayPal
The payment method PayPal enables you to pay securely, easily and quickly in online shops. The purchase amount is immediately transferred to our bank account. So you get your goods even faster. Prerequisite for the payment with PayPal is a PayPal account registered for free. Further information about PayPal and the possibility to register can be found at

Payment by SOFORT Transfer with Klarna
SOFORT Überweisung is an innovative payment method with TÜV certificate and TÜV certified transaction security with which you can pay for online purchases quickly and securely. Using a secure form, SOFORT Überweisung automatically and in real time makes a transfer to your online bank account. You do not need to register and pay on the secure payment side of SOFORT GmbH with your usual online banking data. The purchase amount is immediately transferred to our bank account, so you get your goods even faster. Further information about SOFORT transfer can be found at

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